C. Naga Raju

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In this paper an EP and PSO based optimization algorithms have been proposed for solving optimal power flow problems with multiple objective functions. These algorithms take into consideration all the equality and inequality constraints. The improvement in system performance is based on reduction in cost of power generation and fuzzy based network security.(More)
DNA Cryptography is a new cryptographic paradigm from hastily growing bio molecular computation, as its computational power will determine next generation computing. As technology is growing much faster, data protection is getting more important and it is necessary to design the unbreakable encryption technology to protect the information. In this paper, we(More)
—one of the most important challenges for practical face recognition systems is making recognition more reliable under uncontrolled lighting and noisy conditions. in this paper we made three main contributions: (i) we presented a simple and efficient preprocessing method that eliminates the noise and most of the effects of changing illumination by(More)
In this paper a novel Color image real edge detection algorithm is proposed using simple Circular Shifting that manipulate entire image at a time rather than template based. In this approach, as a pre-processing step, real complement of each channel is taken. Then, circular shift operations are applied in all directions to identify the edge pixels on(More)
The basis of the proposed algorithm is the observation that the constant color difference assumption tends to fail across edges. A commercial digital camera captures only one of these channels at each pixel location and the other two needs to be estimated to generate the complete color information this process is called color filter array (CFA)(More)
This paper presents a competent and optimal technique that can be used to divide the object and background pixels of the image to get better quality of low contrast images by using generation of Optimal Random Fields for Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Multi-region Technique. This innovative method contains two steps: 1) FGFCM is used to get the optimal mean(More)
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