C. N. Zaharia

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In the work there are shown the results of a "case control" study carried out in a children collectivity (preschool children and school-children), regarding the action of an aqueous propolis extract, NIVCRISOL, in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper airways. The preparation, which had a rich content of flavonoids, was administered to a(More)
Spectrophotometric determinations as regards absorption at 280 nm, 260 nm and 224-237 nm, emission at 280-350 nm and light scattering at 550 nm were performed with suspensions of influenza virus A/Brasil/11/78 (H1N1) over a pH range from 2 to 12. The results obtained proved that changes in spectral parameters were minimal in the pH range from 6 to 10, a(More)
Complex epidemiological investigations carried out in the affected zone, enabled the author to notice that familial endemic nephropathy (FEN) starts, in the population, as an asymptomatic renal involvement which affects all the age groups from the first decade to the ninth, its incidence increasing with age. Clinically, early renal involvement represents(More)
The program realizes the integration in the laboratory computered informational flow of the experiments in which determinations of the time intervals are made, such as cellular electrophoresis. This program consists of two components, the chronometer and the laboratory watch, which work independently. For the measurement of the time intervals, with a(More)
Influenza virus A/Brasil 11/78 (H1N1) was sonicated for different time intervals (2-328 sec) in a continuous flow Ultrasonics F600 device at 20 kHz, 600 W. Marked changes in the structure of the virions were made evident by light scattering, absorption and fluorescence measurements. Light scattering data indicated that the turbidity of the influenza virus(More)
The effect of the "Nocardia lysozyme digest" (NLD) obtained from Nocardia opaca on the Epirubicine accumulation in erythrocytes was studied by flow cytometry. It was shown that the number of fluorescent cells increased under the NLD action due to the increased membrane permeability for epirubicine. An opposite effect was also recorded consisting in the(More)