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IEEE Absfracf-A method is presented to approximate optimally an n-dimensional discrete probability distribution by a product of second-order distributions, or the distribution of the first-order tree dependence.-The problem is to find an optimum set of n-1 first order dependence relationship among the n variables. It is shown that the procedure derived in(More)
This paper outlines a program that searches for the predominant terms of the asymptotic error expansion of initial value problems in ordinary differential equations and uses this information in a self-modifying extrapolation process. During the integration process, using a ratio that Carl de Boor (1971) used in an integration program, the method seeks to(More)
The authors demonstrate the utility of examining seismic data with a volumetric scheme, whereby a synoptic view of the interior of the data volume is possible before conventional interpretation. High-amplitude seismic events, representing reflections from subterranean surfaces, are transformed to color pixels, and the resulting 3-D images reveal the(More)
This study investigates the performance of a touch screen, mouse and trackball in a motion environment. A Stewart motion platform was used to generate a six-degree-of-freedom motion environment. Participants were placed in an environment where vehicle vibration was simulated. Tasks were used according to Fitts' Law to obtain the movement time, error rate,(More)
This study examined models of Fitts' law and effective target widths of three pointing devices in vibration environments. From a research institute 10 employees, ages 26 to 31 years were recruited as paid subjects. Pointing tasks consisted of four square target sizes, four movement distances, and four target angles and were performed on a motion platform(More)
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