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Turbine blades are high value castings having complex internal geometry. Computed Tomography has been employed on Turbine blades for finding out defects and internal details. The wall thickness, rib thickness and radius of curvature are measured from the CT slices. The discontinuities including blockages of cooling passages in the cast material can be(More)
Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are used in gas turbine engines to protect engine hot-section components in the harsh combustion environments, and extend component lifetimes. Infrared Thermography method has been selected for obtaining thermal images and studying the TBCs of Alumina, Zirconia and Alumina+Titanium oxide coated on the base plate of Titanium,(More)
A novel design of Dual band pyramidal serrated microstrip patch antenna was designed and Simulational results are presented in this paper. Equal spaced serrated pyramidal shapes are etched on four sides of the patch and its performance characteristics are simulated using commercial software HFSS. The current model is resonating at dual band with moderate(More)
This paper presents the comprehensive study of the various filters and their comparative analysis using statistical parameters in digital image processing. We have simulated the various statistical parameters and viewed their results using plots. We have done their comparative analysis with the help of MATLAB simulation to ease the selection of best filter(More)
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