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The matrix computation language and environment MATLAB is extended to include sparse matrix storage and operations. The only change to the outward appearance of the MATLAB language is a pair of commands to create full or sparse matrices. Nearly all the operations of MATLAB now apply equally to full or sparse matrices, without any explicit action by the(More)
Cramer's rule expresses the solution to a system of simultaneous linear equaations in terms of ratios of determinants. It is widely known as an example of an impractical method for large systems because of the time required to compute the determinants. For 2-by-2 systems this time difficulty disappears and, since the method does not involve a search for(More)
Six different combinations of film-processor temperature (33.3 degrees C, 35 degrees C), development time (22 sec, 44 sec), and chemistry (Du Pont medium contrast developer [MCD] and Kodak rapid process [RP] developer) were each evaluated by separate analyses with Hurter and Driffield curves, test images of plastic step wedges, noise variance analysis, and(More)
Early last March, I was in California and so dropped by to visit George Forsythe. I recall our conversation because it included a few of the many things George was interested in. We talked about the NATS project work in subroutine testing and distribution. He described a textbook he was writing. He went over plans for his upcoming sabbatical leave,(More)
This paper proposes an approach of personalizing the vector space model with dependency parse relations and applying Latent Semantic Analysis on it to generate update summary from multiple documents. The purpose of the update summary is to inform the reader of new information about the topic. The main task was to produce two concise summaries from two(More)
A large field format imaging system which utilizes a flat fluorescent screen rather than the traditional image intensifier as the primary x-ray detector is discussed in this paper. A low light level image isocon camera is optically coupled to a rare-earth screen. An overview of the isocon camera and its return beam mode of operation is included. Theoretical(More)