C. Ming Wang

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RATIONALE Caffeine, an antagonist of adenosine A(1) and A(2A) receptor, is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. Evidence indicates that caffeine interacts with the neuronal systems involved in drug reinforcing. Although adenosine A(1) and/or A(2A) receptor have been found to play important roles in the locomotor stimulation and probably(More)
– In this report, structural and civil engineers are introduced to the world of very large floating structures (VLFS) that have been gradually appearing in the waters off developed coastal cities (and countries with coastlines). Their presence is largely due to a severe shortage of land and the sky-rocketing land costs in recent times. After providing a(More)
Orthogonal subspace projection (OSP) approach has shown success in hyperspectral image classification. Recently, the feasibility of applying OSP to multispectral image classification was also demonstrated via SPOT (Satellite Pour 1'Observation de la Terra) and Landsat (Land Satellite) images. Since an MR (magnetic resonance) image sequence is also acquired(More)
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