C. Micheneau

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Pollinator-mediated selection and evolution of floral traits have long fascinated evolutionary ecologists. No other plant family shows as wide a range of pollinator-linked floral forms as Orchidaceae. In spite of the large size of this model family and a long history of orchid pollination biology, the identity and specificity of most(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Although numerous angraecoid orchids in Madagascar display typical sphingophilous syndrome (i.e. white, nectariferous, long-spurred flowers, producing a strong scent at the crepuscule that is attractive to moths), three species of Angraecum in Reunion, belonging to the endemic section Hadrangis, have atypical unscented and short-spurred(More)
The large angraecoid orchid clade (subtribe Angraecinae sensu lato) has undergone extensive radiation in the western Indian Ocean, which includes Africa, Madagascar, and a number of Indian Ocean islands, such as the Mascarene Archipelago. To investigate systematics and biogeography of these Mascarene orchids, phylogenetic relationships were inferred from(More)
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