C. Micheli

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Fetal magnetoencephalography (fMEG) is used to study neurological functions of the developing fetus by measuring magnetic signals generated by electrical sources within the fetal brain. For this aim either auditory or visual stimuli are presented and evoked brain activity or spontaneous activity is measured at the sensor level. However a limiting factor of(More)
Remote sensing is a powerful tool in monitoring seagrasses, especially for managing the ecosystem. Along the coast, seagrass meadows are often subject to increased turbidity and may exhibit negative physiological responses to stress, or can tolerate it through photo-adaptation. Physiological changes are also evident in the genetic structure of meadows. This(More)
The spatial distribution of sea bed covers and seagrass in coastal waters is of key importance in monitoring and managing Mediterranean shallow water environments often subject to both increasing anthropogenic impacts and climate change effects. In this context we present a methodology for effective monitoring and mapping of Posidonia oceanica (PO) meadows(More)
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