C. Michael Walton

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The Transportation Research Board is a division of the National Research Council , which serves the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. The Board's mission is to promote innovation and progress in transportation through research. In an objective and interdisciplinary setting, the Board facilitates the sharing of information(More)
Systematic, well-designed research provides the most effective approach to the solution of many problems facing highway administrators and engineers. Often, highway problems are of local interest and can best be studied by highway departments individually or in cooperation with their state universities and others. However, the accelerating growth of highway(More)
This is dedicated to the memory of my father, who always believed I could do this. ii Acknowledgments This dissertation was not written in a vacuum. It started when Chris Skinner gave me Treatman's article " Euclidean Systems, " which sparked my interest in Euclidean ideal classes. Jeff Lagarias then gave me Harper and Murty's articles. After I told Nick(More)
Subscriber Category IB energy and environment Transportation Research Board publications are available by ordering individual publications directly from the TRB Business Office, through the Internet at www.TRB.org or national-academies.org/trb, or by annual subscription through organizational or individual affiliation with TRB. Affiliates and library(More)
Container shipping plays a key role in international transshipments and is currently the system of choice for most global shippers handling non-bulk commodities. In the competitive maritime industry, steamship companies are looking for ways in which further economies can be achieved. One of the areas examined has been the maritime portion of the trip,(More)
Authors herein are responsible for the authenticity of their materials and for obtaining written permissions from publishers or persons who own the copyright to any previously published or copyrighted material used herein. Cooperative Research Programs (CRP) grants permission to reproduce material in this publication for classroom and not-for-profit(More)
This paper describes the simulation system developed at The University of Texas at Austin for the performance analysis of port operations considering container's priority. The paper discusses the current trends toward service differentiation and provides a brief description of port operations and the historical evolution of performance analysis in this(More)