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Respiration monitoring in everyday life enables the early detection of the diseases and disorders that can suddenly manifest in a life threatening episode. Long-term monitoring can extend the capabilities of healthcare providers if reliability can be achieved economically. In this paper, the potential for using capacitive sensing to serve as an inexpensive(More)
In this paper we describe progress in developing textile-based sensors for wearable physiological monitoring systems. Active electrodes on nonwoven textile substrates are described for capturing ECG and EOG data. A capacitive sensor for monitoring breathing is presented. Data transmission by coplanar waveguides is also a topic introduced. The future of(More)
A screen printer is used to print conductive inks, loaded with silver particles, on nonwoven textiles substrates. To evaluate this technology for use as flexible interconnects; a custom test fixture was designed to assist in the high frequency characterization of CPW transmission lines. Due to the flexible nature of textile substrates it is necessary to(More)
  • C. Merritt
  • Analytical and quantitative cytology
  • 1983
Representation of chromosome shapes by a single smooth curve forms an important step in a chromosome analysis system. During development of an interactive system for use in plant chromosome studies, the behavior of certain types of curves commonly used in human chromosome analysis systems was found to be unsuitable for modelling plant chromosomes. These(More)
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