C Merchant

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OBJECTIVE To compare the incidence rates for AD among elderly African-American, Caribbean Hispanic, and white individuals and to determine whether coincident cerebrovascular disease contributes to the inconsistency in reported differences among ethnic groups. METHODS This was a population-based, longitudinal study over a 7-year period in the Washington(More)
Mutations in the amyloid precursor protein and presenilin 1 and 2 genes result in elevated plasma levels of the amyloid beta-peptide species terminating at amino acid residue 42 (A beta1-42). In a longitudinal study of unrelated elderly individuals, those who subsequently developed Alzheimer's disease had higher plasma levels of A beta1-42 at entry than did(More)
  • C J Donlon, K S Casey, C Gentemann, I S Robinson, R W Reynolds, C Merchant +10 others
  • 2009
Executive Summary This paper provides a core contribution to address the OceanObs09 theme " Developing technology and infrastructure " under Session 4B " Satellite data integration and products ". It has been prepared for those implementing and working with the modern sea surface temperature (SST) observing system. The purpose of the paper is threefold: (1)(More)
Cloud detection always relies on some knowledge of how clear and cloudy observations will differ. In a full Bayesian determination of the probability that an infrared image pixel contains cloud, an estimate of the brightness temperature distribution for clear and cloudy cases is required. A method for estimating this distribution for cloudy atmospheric(More)
The development of bombesin/gastrin-releasing peptide (BN/GRP) binding sites was determined in the rat brain. Using rat brain homogenate, the density of radio-labeled peptide binding sites increased dramatically around birth, remained constant during the first post-natal week, and then increased again between Postnatal (P) Days 7 and 10; the density of(More)
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