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The utility of radiotelemetry as a tool for estimating the size and microhabitat requirements of a population of Lacerta lepida, the largest European lacertid, was investigated in central Spain. Population density estimates based on repeated marking and recapture (3.2 lizards ha ) were much higher than those based on line transects (0.22 lizards ha ). The(More)
Interspecific competition can limit the distribution of species along altitudinal gradients. It has been suggested that Western European rock lizards (genus Iberolacerta) are restricted to mountains due to the expansion of wall lizards (Podarcis), but there is no experimental evidence to corroborate this hypothesis. This study examines if interference(More)
– We explore the quantum scattering of systems classically described by binary and other low order Smale horseshoes, in a stage of development where the stable island associated with the inner periodic orbit is large, but chaos around this island is well developed. For short incoming pulses we find periodic echoes modulating an exponential decay over many(More)
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