C. Mayer

B. Radig3
M. Eggers2
S. Windschüttl1
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NuGO, the European Nutrigenomics Organization, utilizes 31 powerful computers for, e.g., data storage and analysis. These so-called black boxes (NBXses) are located at the sites of different partners. NuGO decided to use GenePattern as the preferred genomic analysis tool on each NBX. To handle the custom made Affymetrix NuGO arrays, new NuGO modules are(More)
We present a system for facial expression recognition that is evaluated on multiple databases. Automated facial expression recognition systems face a number of characteristic challenges. Firstly, obtaining natural training data is difficult, especially for facial configurations expressing emotions like sadness or fear. Therefore, publicly available(More)
Male fertility depends on spermatogenesis, which takes place in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. This compartment is devoid of blood vessels, which are however found in the wall of the seminiferous tubules. Our proteomic study using cultured human testicular peritubular cells (HTPCs) i.e. the cells, which form this wall, revealed that they(More)
In this paper, we introduce a system that generates computer vision programs for a given task, which is specified by regions of interest in a collection of example images. The system relies on a database of operators, which are combined by an automated planning approach in order to create executable programs. We present an early proof-of-concept(More)
This paper describes the setup and realization of a distributed camera system designed to survey a laboratory area where humans and mobile manipulator robots collaborate jointly. The system consists of 40 industrial grade cameras surveying a 10 m by 10 m area from a top-down perspective, connected via Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) to a cluster of 40 computers for(More)
GOALS OF WORK To develop recommendations for effective communication between cancer health care providers and patients based on a systematic review of methods of clinician-patient communication that may affect patient outcomes associated with distress at critical points in the course of cancer care. MATERIALS AND METHODS A systematic review of the(More)
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