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We study the genesis and the selective propagation of complex crack networks induced by thermal shock or drying of brittle materials. We use a quasistatic gradient damage model to perform large-scale numerical simulations showing that the propagation of fully developed cracks follows Griffith criterion and depends only on the fracture toughness, while crack(More)
Collagen fibres play an important role in the mechanical behaviour of many soft tissues. Modelling of such tissues now often incorporates a collagen fibre distribution. However, the availability of accurate structural data has so far lagged behind the progress of anisotropic constitutive modelling. Here, an automated process is developed to identify the(More)
We consider a wide class of gradient damage models which are characterized by two constitutive functions after a normalization of the scalar damage parameter. The evolution problem is formulated following a variational approach based on the principles of irreversibility, stability and energy balance. Applied to a monotonically increasing traction test of a(More)
We study multi-fissuration and debonding phenomena of a thin film bonded to a stiff substrate using the variational approach to fracture mechanics. We consider a reduced one-dimensional membrane model where the loading is introduced through uniform inelastic (e.g., thermal) strains in the film or imposed displacements of the substrate. Fracture phenomena(More)
The aim of this work is two-fold: to design devices for passive electric damping of structural vibrations by distributed piezoelectric transducers and electric networks, and to experimentally validate the effectiveness of such a damping concept. Two different electric networks are employed, namely a purely resistive network and an inductive–resistive one.(More)
We study fracture and debonding of a thin stiff film bonded to a rigid substrate through a thin compliant layer, introducing a two-dimensional variational fracture model in brittle elasticity. Fractures are naturally distinguished between transverse cracks in the film (curves in 2D) and debonded surfaces (2D planar regions). In order to study the mechanical(More)
In this paper a Euler–Bernoulli-like model of layered piezoelectric beams is presented. It describes more accurately than the others already presented in the literature both transverse (Poisson and piezoelectrically induced) cross-sectional deformations and through-the-thickness variations of the electric field and electric displacement. A deductive(More)
Basalt columns, septarias, and mud cracks possess beautiful and intriguing crack patterns that are hard to predict because of the presence of cracks intersections and branches. The variational approach to brittle fracture provides a mathematically sound model based on minimization of the sum of bulk and fracture energies. It does not require any a priori(More)
Under the effect of surface tension, a blob of liquid adopts a spherical shape when immersed in another fluid. We demonstrate experimentally that soft, centimeter-size elastic solids can exhibit a similar behavior: when immersed into a liquid, a gel having a low elastic modulus undergoes large, reversible deformations. We analyze three fundamental types of(More)