C. Manuel Carlevaro

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A heuristic diagram of the evolution of the standard genetic code is presented. It incorporates, in a way that resembles the energy levels of an atom, the physical notion of broken symmetry and it is consistent with original ideas by Crick on the origin and evolution of the code as well as with the chronological order of appearance of the amino acids along(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to investigate the incidence and the relative risk factors of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and posterior-ROP (P-ROP): ROP in Zone I and posterior Zone II, as well as to analyze the occurrence of surgical treatment of ROP and to evaluate the short term outcome of the disease in Italy. METHODS It is a prospective multicenter(More)
The pair distribution function of the electron gas is calculated using a parameterized generalization of hypernetted chain approximation with the parameters being obtained by optimizing the system energy with a genetic algorithm. The functions so obtained are compared with Monte Carlo simulations performed by other authors in its variational and di_usion(More)
A quaternionic representation of the genetic code, previously reported by the authors (BioSystems 141 (10-19), 2016), is updated in order to incorporate chirality of nucleotide bases and amino acids. The original representation associates with each nucleotide base a prime integer quaternion of norm 7 and involves a function that assigns to each codon,(More)