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There is a general lack of women in the Science, Engineering and Information technology research fields at all career levels. This is a worldwide phenomenon that seems related to social and cultural stereotypes. The Gender and Science ITC-irst group has investigated whose actions could be proposed to support the female researchers inside ITC-irst in(More)
A noninvasive method to record His' potentials in man is described. In several patients who needed intracardiac recording, a bipolar lead was placed across the chest, directed as conveniently as possible for the recording of His bundle electrical activity. A signal filtered (70-300 Hz) and amplified (X 100.000), was processed by a multichannel analyzer for(More)
Delays and conduction blocks may occur in Purkinje fibers, junctions and muscular cells. Since such blocks may take place everywhere in the ventricles and not only in the free walls, we prefer to use the term peripheral instead of parietal block. The electrophysiologic problems connected with such blocks are discussed. The localization of the ventricle(More)
Bundle branch block (BBB) patterns are commonly considered to represent conduction block in the corresponding bundle branch. However, several histological and experimental studies demonstrated the possibility of a BBB related to an anatomical lesion within the His bundle. Recently there has been demonstrated, also in clinical setting, the possibility of(More)
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