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Realistic numerical models of human subjects and their surrounding environment represent the basic points of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic dosimetry. This also involves differentiating the human models in men and women, possibly with different body shapes and postures. In this context, the aims of this paper are, firstly, to propose a female(More)
There is a general lack of women in the Science, Engineering and Information technology research fields at all career levels. This is a worldwide phenomenon that seems related to social and cultural stereotypes. The Gender and Science ITC-irst group has investigated whose actions could be proposed to support the female researchers inside ITC-irst in(More)
Complex permittivity values have a dominant role in the overall consideration of interaction between radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and living matter, and in related applications such as electromagnetic dosimetry. There are still some concerns about the accuracy of published data and about their variability due to the heterogeneous nature of(More)
Bundle branch block (BBB) patterns are commonly considered to represent conduction block in the corresponding bundle branch. However, several histological and experimental studies demonstrated the possibility of a BBB related to an anatomical lesion within the His bundle. Recently there has been demonstrated, also in clinical setting, the possibility of(More)
The electrophysiological effects of Dobutamine, a new beta adrenergic drug, were investigated using intracardiac electrograms and the extrastimulus method, in 19 patients with 1:1 AV conduction and in 10 other patients, five with second and five with third degree AV block. The electrophysiological effects were studied at three concentrations of the drug: 5,(More)
A case of aortic insufficiency showing an ECG pattern of left ventricular hypertrophy and strain has been followed over time. One year after the initial observation, the ECG and VCG recordings showed the appearance of a left bifascicular block, due to involvement of the anterior and posterior fascicles, with normal septal activation. It is suggested that(More)
Active uniform films of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) have been prepared by covalent binding on Si/SiO(2) or glass supports previously activated by silanization and succinylation. Labeling by fluorescent or by Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) probes was used to quantify the surface density of active groups and of horseradish peroxidase. Atomic Force Microscopy(More)
Fifty-five patients with widened QRS complexes due to the presence of slurred S waves or of terminal slurrings on R waves, in more than three leads, with no infarction or bundle branch and fascicular blocks, were studied with the usual clinical examinations as well as vectorcardiographic recording. A parietal block of the left ventricle was diagnosed when,(More)
The electrophysiologic effects of tolamolol (UK-6558-01), a new beta-adrenergic blocking agent, were studied using the endocavitarian electrocardiography and the extrastimulus method. The drug was infused intravenously in the dose of 20 mg (0,23-0,36 mg per kilogram). Tolamolol resulted in: -- prolongation of sinus cycle length in 17 patients (P less than(More)