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Performance of Wireless LAN can be improved at each layer of the protocol stack with respect to energy efficiency. The Media Access Control layer is responsible for the key functions like access control and flow control. During contention, Backoff algorithm is used to gain access to the medium with minimum probability of collision. After studying different(More)
The range of applications based on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is wide and numerous. Security solution implementation is a major issue as these networks are formed from resource constrained tiny sensor nodes which have meager computational power and network lifetime. Moreover, the applications require different levels of security. A standard security(More)
A Morphological Analyzer (MA) is a program which compiles and analyses words of a natural language into their roots and their constituent morpho-syntactic elements along with their attributes. The present paper demonstrates computational implementation of a Morphological Analyzer for Telugu. The algorithm used to build this MA is theoretically justified and(More)
Thresholding is the method used for segmenting an image to isolate regions of interest from the image. The result of segmentation mainly depends on the selection of proper threshold values and number of classes. This paper proposes a method for optimal selection of threshold values using Evolutionary computing. The proposed method decomposes the given image(More)
Cognitive radio based networks can resolve the spectrum scarcity issues present in the current emergency communication networks. Establishing quick and secure communication between rescue team members in the disaster field is a significant task and cognitive radio MANETs are the best choice for disaster management and other emergency situations. This paper(More)
Binary Exponential Backoff (BEB) is the De-facto mechanism for contention control in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN. The exponential growth of Contention Window (CW) in all BackOff (BO) stages and randomness in BO selection causes unnecessary waiting time, high collision rate and unfairness in accessing the channel among the nodes. To overcome these anomalies,(More)
Edge detection is an important process in image segmentation, object recognition, template matching, etc. It computes gradients in both horizontal and vertical directions of the image at each pixel position to find the image boundaries. The conventional edge detectors take significant time to detect the edges in the image. To reduce the computational time,(More)
To enhance the QoS performance in saturated multihop adhoc networks, it is essential to have cooperative algorithms for MAC layer contention resolution and TCP layer congestion control. This paper proposes a cross layer approach that modifies the back off mechanism and congestion control technique using Fibonacci sequence. Due to the golden section property(More)