C. M. Y. Lee

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We evaluated the abundance and nature of simple sequence repeats (SSRs) in the causal agent of stem rust of wheat, Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, in order to characterize and develop SSR markers. A strategy was tested in which publicly available genome datasets extracted from genome sequences of P. graminis f. sp. tritici were searched for abundance and(More)
OBJECTIVES The need for denture treatment in public health will increase as the population ages. However, the impact of dentures on nutrition, particularly overdenture treatment, remains unclear although the physical and psychological effects are known. We investigated whether treatment with a mandibular implant supported overdenture improves nutrient(More)
Accurate estimation of food portion size is critical in dietary studies. Hands are potentially useful as portion size estimation aids; however, their accuracy has not been tested. The aim of the present study was to test the accuracy of a novel portion size estimation method using the width of the fingers as a 'ruler' to measure the dimensions of foods(More)
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