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We describe the isolation and characterization of the murine gene encoding RHAMM, a hyaluronan receptor which regulates focal adhesion turnover, is required for cell locomotion and is a critical downstream regulator of ras transformation. The RHAMM gene spans at least 20 kb and comprises 14 exons ranging in size from 75 to 1099 bp. Primer extension studies(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Uric acid is emerging as one of the newer risk markers to consider in the cardiovascular risk assessment because it is demonstrated to be associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes, particularly in high cardiovascular risk patients. One of the proposed mechanisms involving hyperuricaemia is the development of vascular damage. The(More)
The goal of this work is to demonstrate the application of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template as matching layer of ultrasonic transducer. Quarter-wavelength acoustic matching layer is known as a vital component in medical ultrasonic transducers to compensate the acoustic impedance mismatch between piezoelectric element and human body. The AAO matching(More)
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