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The deleterious effect of frost on corn harvested for silage was investigated with 30 lactating Holstein cows fed silages from corn harvested at the milk or dough stage, or after one, two, or five frosts. The fibrous components of the corn plant increased as maturity and dry matter content increased, whereas the mineral content tended to decrease. Dry(More)
Holstein multiparous cows (n = 29) and primiparous heifers (n = 32) calving over a 1-yr period were subjected to photoperiod-melatonin treatments according to a 2 × 3 factorial design. Starting 8 wk before expected calving, all animals were subjected to 1 of the following treatments: 8h of light and 16 h of dark (8L:16D), 16 h of light and 8h of dark(More)
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