C. M. Tolstoshev

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We have constructed a public gene expression data repository and online data access and analysis, WWW and FTP sites for serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) data. The WWW and FTP components of this resource, SAGEmap, are located at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/sage and ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pub/sage, respectively. We herein describe SAGE data(More)
A computer program, OLIGO, is described which was designed to manage projects involving the synthesis of large numbers of oligonucleotide fragments using cellulose discs as immobilizing support. The program performs the functions of data entry, verification, analysis and modification; the sorting of filters before each step and project status updating after(More)
A computer program (RSITE) was developed which predicts the recognition sequence of a restriction endonuclease. The sizes of fragments experimentally determined on cleavage of a DNA of known sequence were input. Possible recognition sequences producing fragments of sizes matching those determined empirically were printed out. The program faithfully(More)
A set of computer programs is described which constitutes a clone database management system. Maintenance of the database and the stocks of material is designed to be under the control of one person or group of people, who may insert, delete or modify data entries, and who may interrogate the database as to which stocks are in need of checking. The system(More)
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