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In this work a hybrid-Trefftz formulation and a meshless approach based on the use of radial basis functions (RBF) are applied to the analysis of reinforced concrete beams. Resorting to the Mazars model, the concrete is represented by an elastic medium with progressive damage. In the hybrid-Trefftz formulation a stress field that satisfies a priori the(More)
The basic characteristic of the techniques generally known as meshless methods is the attempt to reduce or even to eliminate the need for a discretization (at least, not in the way normally associated with traditional finite element techniques) in the context of numerical solutions for boundary and/or initial value problems. The interest in meshless methods(More)
In aeronautical CFD, engineers require accurate predictions of the forces and moments but they are less concerned with flow-field accuracy. Hence, the so-called "goal oriented" mesh adaptation strategies have been introduced to get satisfactory values of functional outputs at an acceptable cost, using local node displacement and insertion of new points(More)
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