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Doxacurium chloride is an investigational long-acting neuromuscular blocking drug, which has been shown to be devoid of cardiovascular side effects when administered in modest doses to healthy patients. This is the first hemodynamic study of doxacurium in adult patients with cardiac disease. Forty-one patients scheduled to undergo cardiac surgery were(More)
The hemodynamic effects of mivacurium chloride were studied in 54 adult cardiac patients anesthetized with midazolam and sufentanil. After baseline data were collected, a placebo (N = 9) or mivacurium was administered over 60 seconds, the latter in doses of 0.15 (N = 18), 0.20 (N = 18), or 0.25 (N = 9) mg/kg. Measurements were repeated 2, 5, and 10 minutes(More)
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