C. M. Silva

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The current understanding of hemispheric interaction is limited. Functional hemispheric specialization is likely to depend on both genetic and environmental factors. In the present study we investigated the importance of one factor, literacy, for the functional lateralization in the inferior parietal cortex in two independent samples of literate and(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to evaluate the ability of a muscular index (Barrett's Index), calculated with multidetector computed tomography, to detect dysthyroid optic neuropathy in patients with Graves' orbitopathy. METHODS Thirty-six patients with Graves' orbitopathy were prospectively studied and submitted to neuro-ophthalmic evaluation(More)
The application of an odorant binding protein for odour control and fragrance delayed release from a textile surface was first explored in this work. Pig OBP-1 gene was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli, and the purified protein was biochemically characterized. The IC50 values (concentrations of competitor that caused a decay of fluorescence to(More)
Multidrug- (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) presents a challenge to disease control and elimination goals. In Lisbon, Portugal, specific and successful XDR-TB strains have been found in circulation for almost two decades. In the present study we have genotyped and sequenced the genomes of 56 Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates(More)
Biofilm formation in urinary indwelling catheters is one of the most critical issues that patients face. Catheters were coated with poly(catechin)-antibiotic conjugates with enhanced antimicrobial properties. Catechin was conjugated with two antibiotics, namely trimethoprim (TMP) and sulfamethoxazole (SMZ) via activation with N,N′-disuccinimidyl carbonate(More)
Stringent emissions regulations in cities and the high amount of daily miles driven by taxi vehicles enforce the need to renew these fleets with more efficient and cleaner technologies. Hybrid vehicles are potential candidates due to their enhanced powertrain, and slower battery depletion and fewer lifetime issues, relative to full electric vehicles. This(More)
Poly(hydroxybenzene)-trimethoprim conjugates were prepared using methylparaben as substrate of the oxidative enzyme tyrosinase. MALDI-TOF MS analysis showed that the enzymatic oxidation of methylparaben alone leads to the poly(hydroxybenzene) formation. In the presence of trimethoprim, the methylparaben tyrosinase oxidation leads(More)
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