C. M. O. Valente

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Hip is a site very commonly affected by osteoarthritis (OA), yet few data exist in literature regarding intra-articular use of hyaluronic acid in this pathology. We evaluated the efficacy of Hylan G-F 20 hip viscosupplementation performed under ultrasound guidance. We enrolled 26 patients affected by symptomatic hip OA and treated them with a single(More)
Voluntary physician reporting of adverse drug events (ADEs) in their patients remains the single most important source of information on serious and rare ADEs. Yet, substantial underreporting exists and the factors producing it are unclear. We surveyed 3000 randomly chosen physicians by mailed questionnaire to determine their knowledge about the reporting(More)
OBJECTIVE We have developed a standardized technique for intra-articular injection of the hip joint with the purpose of extending routine intra-articular injection of hyaluronans and steroids to the hip, as commonly used in the knee. The purpose of this study was to examine the safety of this technique in an extended series of patients. METHODS A 7 MHz(More)
A mail survey of 1,040 primary care physicians in Maryland examined their beliefs about the importance of 25 behaviors for promoting the health of the average person. Physician consensus existed across specialties in rating most health behaviors as very important and few as very unimportant. Eliminating smoking was most important and taking vitamin(More)
There is a paucity of research describing the health-promotion beliefs, attitudes, and practices of physicians. Self-reported data from a survey of 1,040 primary care physicians showed that a majority of physicians (97 percent) believed they should modify patients' behaviors to minimize risk factors and rated a variety of health behaviors as important in(More)
The American Medical Association recommends that physicians screen all patients for alcohol and other drug abuse so that substance-abusing patients can be referred for appropriate treatment. A 1991 survey of primary care physicians in Baltimore and Cumberland revealed that only 41% routinely screened their patients for alcohol problems and only 20% screened(More)
This paper presents a two-stage neural system to determine the contact points between a three-® ngered gripper and an object of arbitrary shape. In the ® rst stage, a CCD camera captures the image of the object and such an image is transformed into a two-dimensional outline through a nearest neighbour algorithm. In the second phase, two neural networks,(More)