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The effects of testosterone, 17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstane-3-one (5alpha-dihydrotestosterone; 5alpha-DHT), 5alpha-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol (3alpha-androstanediol; 3alpha-diol) and 5alpha-androstane-3beta, 17beta-diol (3beta-androstanediol; 3beta-diol) on the development of fertilizing ability by spermatozoa in the epididymis were compared in(More)
Spermatozoa in the vas deferens of the hamster lose their fertilizing capacity 3 days after ligation of the initial part of the duct and after 2 days if the testes are removed at the time of ligation. Sham-ligation had no effect on the fertilizing life of vasal spermatozoa on the contralateral side even 3 days after bilateral castration. Unilateral(More)