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CA125 levels were measured in the sera of 54 women with normal menstrual cycle and without infectious, benign and malignant gynecologic disorders. In 54 subjects studied, 13 (24%) had no significant variations in serum CA125 levels throughout the menstrual cycle. In contrast, there 41 (76%) had significant variations in serum CA125 with peak levels (51.8(More)
Fault-tolerant architectures are emerging to guarantee reliable functionality on vulnerable silicon devices. For a fault-tolerant architecture, the RTL design is more complex than a normal one and is more likely to introduce design bugs.  Why does this problem matter? Fault-tolerant architectures are popular in current circuits design industry. However,(More)
A control strategy is introduced. The tasks in the agenda are organized hierarchically, such that, in general, only tasks in the same level are allowed to compete with each other. KEY tasks with highest priority are also introduced to maintain the flexibility of control. This concept has been applied to a medical diagnosis expert system MDM, and it is(More)
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