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-The Chinese postman problem on mixed networks (MCPP), is a practical generalization of the classical Chinese postman problem (CPP), which has many real-world applications. The MCPP has been shown to be NP-complete. Therefore, it is difficult to solve the problem exactly. For this reason, heuristic solution procedures have been proposed to solve the problem(More)
An industry leading 28nm high-performance mobile SoC technology featuring metal-gate/high-k process is presented. The technology is optimized to offer wide power-to-performance transistor dynamic range and highest wired gate density with superior low-R/ELK interconnects, critical for next generation mobile computing/SOC applications. Through process and(More)
Effects of drift-region design on the hot-carrier reliability of n-channel integrated high-voltage lateral diffused MOS (LDMOS) transistors are investigated. LDMOS devices with various dosages of n-type drain drift (NDD) implant and various drift-region lengths (L<sub>d</sub>) are studied. Results show that higher NDD dosage can reduce hot-carrier induced(More)
The Australia–Taiwan Joint Symposium on Environmental Modelling took place between 28 and 30 June 2000 in Tunghai University, Taiwan. The objectives of the symposium were to bring together a selection of Australian and Taiwan research organisations to present their latest research findings and to initiate collaboration between Australian and Taiwan(More)
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