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The speed control performance improvement of a detuned indirect field-oriented (IFO) induction motor drive is studied. First, the dynamic behaviour of a detuned IF0 induction motor drive is observed, and its transfer function model is established. Then a proportional plus integralderivative (PI-D) two-degree-of-freedom controller (2DOFC) is designed for an(More)
INTRODUCTION Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is the most common sleep-related breathing disorder associated with multisystemic organ involvement. The STOP-BANG questionnaire is a concise, validated questionnaire that is used to screen for OSA. This study aimed to establish the use of the STOP-BANG questionnaire for perioperative patient risk stratification.(More)
INTRODUCTION Indirect laryngoscopes offer improved laryngeal view and higher success rates of intubation, particularly for difficult airways. We hypothesised that: (a) the time required for intubation, overall success rates and ease of intubation with indirect laryngoscopes would be better than with the Macintosh laryngoscope; and (b) novices may achieve(More)
Switch-mode rectifier (SMR) or called power factor corrected (PFC) rectifier (Erickson & Maksimovic, 2001; Mohan et al, 2003; Dawande & Dubey, 1996) has been increasingly utilized to replace the conventional rectifiers as the front-end converter for many power equipments. Through proper control, the input line drawn current of a SMR can be controlled to(More)
INTRODUCTION Pain after wisdom teeth surgery can be moderate in severity and is compounded by preoperative anxiety in young patients. We studied the effect of melatonin premedication on postoperative pain and preoperative anxiety in patients undergoing wisdom teeth extractions. METHODS This randomised controlled trial recruited 76 patients at Khoo Teck(More)
Light-rail vehicle (LRV) is cost-effective in construction, and it can be established for improving the transportation quality in urban area. The light-rail vehicle has been employed in many countries. In Taiwan, the experimental systems have also been successfully established, and the improvement work is continually being made. As generally recognized, LRV(More)
The authors present the quantitative design and implementation of a PI-D 2-degreesof-freedom controller (2DOFC) for motor drives. The proposed 2DOF controller consists of a PI-D feedback (also called the PI plus rate feedback) controller and a command feedforward controller. A quantitative design procedure is derived to find the parameters of a 2DOF(More)