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In this paper, we study the problem of packing unequal circles into a 2D rectangular container. We solve this problem by proposing two greedy algorithms. The first algorithm, denoted by B1.0, selects the next circle to place according to the maximum hole degree rule, which is inspired from human activity in packing. The second algorithm, denoted by B1.5,(More)
It has long been a puzzle that the Raman optical modes shift to lower frequency or termed optical mode softening or redshift associated with the creation of Raman acoustic modes that shift to higher energy or called acoustic hardening or blueshift upon a nanosolid being formed and its size being reduced. Understandings of the mechanism behind the(More)
Gas adsorption and liquid desorption of a number of organic vapors in anodized nanoporous alumina, with controlled geometry (cylindrical pore diameters from 10 to 60 nm), are studied using optical interferometry. The narrow-diameter distribution of disconnected pores allows checking the validity of the (long-predicted but not experimentally verified) Kelvin(More)
Polypyrrole is one of the important conductive polymers that are widely used in energy storage systems, biosensors and electronics. The electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole has advantages of simple process, mass production and low cost. In this study, polypyrrole thin films were deposited on different electrode substrates by cyclovoltammetric (CV),(More)
An analytical solution shows that the maximal strain of an impurity-free metallic monatomic chain (MC), or a defect-free nanowire (NW), varies inapparently with mechanical stress but apparently with the separation between the melting point fTmsKdg and the temperature of operation in terms of exphfTmsKd−Tgj, where K is the dimension of the NW (for a MC,(More)
Incorporating the recent bond order–length–strength correlation mechanism [C.Q. Sun, Phys. Rev. B 69 (2004) 045105] to the size dependence of Auger photoelectron coincidence spectra of Cu nanoparticles with and without being passivated has enabled us to gain quantitative information about the 2p and 3d level energies of an isolated Cu atom and their shift(More)
Surface oxidation and porosity variation play significant roles in the dielectric performance of porous silicon (PS) yet discriminating the contribution of these events is a challenge. Here we present an analytical solution that covers contributions from the components of silicon oxide surface, silicon backbone and voids using a serial–parallel capacitance(More)
This article investigates the effect of protein adsorption induced surface stress on the resonant frequency of ultra-thin PZT membrane (~600 nm thick) based biosensors. The resonant frequencies of the mass sensitive micro-fabricated PZT biosensors should ideally decrease after external proteins are loaded; however, they are found to increase in this work.(More)
Chinese herbal medicine Jinlianqingre Effervescent Tablets (JET) are the recommended control measure for uncomplicated hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) by the Ministry of Health of China. However, high-quality evidence to support this recommendation is limited. A total of 288 patients ranging in age from 1 to 13 years were randomly assigned to JET in(More)