C. M. Kreike

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A high level of resistance toGlobodera pallida pathotypes Pa2 and Pa3 exists inSolanum spegazzinii, a wild relative of potato (S. tuberosum ssp.tuberosum). Here we report the mapping of loci involved in quantitatively-inherited nematode resistance with the use of RFLPs. One major locus,Gpa, was mapped on chromosome 5 and two minor loci on chromosomes 4 and(More)
The genetic diversity of 255 taro (Colocasia esculenta) accessions from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu was studied using AFLPs. Three AFLP primer combinations generated a total of 465 scorable amplification products. The 255 accessions were grouped according to their country of origin, to their ploidy(More)
We report the identification and mapping of two quantitative trait loci (QTLs) of Solanum spegazzinii BGRC, accession 8218-15, involved in resistance to the potato cyst-nematode Globodera rostochiensis pathotype Ro1, by means of restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs). For this purpose we crossed a susceptible diploid S. tuberosum with the(More)
In this paper we describe the reduced recombination and distorted segregation in an interspecific hybrid between Solanum tuberosum and Solanum spegazzinii. To study these phenomena, a cross was made between a (di)haploid S. tuberosum, used as a female parent, and a diploid wild potato species, S. spegazzinii, used as a male parent. Next, a backcross (BC)(More)
A new procedure for non-radioactive detection of single-copy DNA-DNA hybrids combines an existing non-radioactive labeling and detection kit with a new substrate AMPPD for the enzyme alkaline phosphatase. The main advantages of this procedure are the possibility to reuse the blots easily and the much shorter detection time compared to radioactive detection(More)
A backcross population, derived from the cross (S. tuberosumxS. spegazzinii)xS. tuberosum was used to map QTLs involved in nematode resistance, tuber yield and root development. Complete linkage maps were available for the interspecific hybrid parent as well as the S. tuberosum parent, and interval mapping for all traits was performed for both.(More)
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