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This paper presents the optimal control of drug scheduling in cancer chemotherapy using a distributed evolutionary computing software. Unlike conventional methods that often require gradient information or hybridization of different approaches in drug scheduling, the proposed evolutionary optimization methodology is simple and capable of automatically(More)
Genetic Programming (GP) has been emerged as a promising approach to deal with classification task in data mining. This work extends the tree representation of GP to evolve multiple comprehensible IF-THEN classification rules. In the paper, we introduce a concept mapping technique for fitness evaluation of individuals. A covering algorithm that employs an(More)
One of the major challenges in medical domain is the extraction of comprehensible knowledge from medical diagnosis data. In this paper, a two-phase hybrid evolutionary classification technique is proposed to extract classification rules that can be used in clinical practice for better understanding and prevention of unwanted medical events. In the first(More)
Objective: To develop a framework for managing Java binary submission and execution in the Grid Computing environment. The framework offers: (i) to end users an easy and convenient access to execute Java binaries in the Grid; (ii) to Grid service providers a secure model, which protects grid devices from sabotage by any malicious Java binary, to provide(More)
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