C. M. Hadzer

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This paper presents the results for the performance of passive and active power filter to reduce harmonics in the distribution system. The harmonics analysis is performed in order to observe the percentage reduction of amplitude current harmonics and total harmonic distortion for passive and active power filter at various loads. In addition to that the(More)
This paper is to present the harmonic phenomenon. The Fourier series is the tool for harmonic analysis in order to interpret waveforms behavior due to nonlinear loads is carried out. Some harmonics measurements for nonlinear loads are also observed. The harmonics theory, definition of harmonic quantities, related harmonics problems in power distribution(More)
This paper presents the development of single phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) microcontroller-based inverter. The attractiveness of this configuration is the used of a microcontroller to generate sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) pulses. Microcontroller is able to store the required commands to generate the necessary waveforms to(More)
In this paper, a development of high efficiency boost converter for photovoltaic application is presented. The design aimed to create a completely self-contained unit capable of converting light energy from the sun into electrical energy. The initial goal was to build a device that could provide a stable 24 V/sub dc/ output, from a fluctuating direct(More)
The full-wave-dipole antenna is very seldom used in communication systems, and yet this type of antenna offers a very high gain. This is due to the high input impedance for the center-tap feeding-point antenna. The analysis of short-length and half-wavelength dipole antennas has been reported, in great detail previously, in texts. However, an analysis of(More)
In recent years, harmonics are considered as one of the most essential problems in electrical power systems. Even though, this new highly efficient electronic technology provides improved product quality with increased productivity by the use of smaller and lighter electrical components but they are the sources of harmonics. Recent surveys on the(More)
The analysis and design of a star delta transformer in series with active power filter linked to grid lines are carried out. The development of active power filter which consists of voltage reference, triangular generator to generate pulse width modulation with half inverters is simulated. The current injection network of half inverter in series with three(More)
Nowadays, in the fast changing phase of technology many countries have used photovoltaic (PV) to generate energy. PV modules are very versatile and easily fixed on the top of buildings, residential areas, and other structures. PV capable to produce a clean energy and it can be fixed up at location where the system grid not available. However, for producing(More)
In this paper, a simulation of parallel-loaded resonant inverter for photovoltaic (PV) grid connected is presented. The output of the resonant inverter is parallel-connected with transformer, which will control the voltage levels and also could provide isolation. The sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) technique was used to produce pure sinusoidal(More)