C M Freund

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The targeting of mRNAs to specific subcellular locations is believed to facilitate the rapid and selective incorporation of their protein products into complexes that may include membrane organelles. In oligodendrocytes, mRNAs that encode myelin basic protein (MBP) and select myelin-associated oligodendrocytic basic proteins (MOBPs) locate in myelin sheath(More)
The mRNAs for two myelin proteins, myelin basic protein (MBP) and myelin-associated oligodendrocytic basic protein (MOBP)-81A, are uniquely located at sites where myelin sheaths are assembled. Here, we use subcellular fractionation to show that four MOBP mRNAs, like MBP mRNA, are located at sites of myelin sheath assembly, and that three other MOBP mRNAs(More)
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