C. M. Folden

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A new long-lived isomeric state in (65)Fe has been discovered with Penning trap mass spectrometry and high-precision mass measurements of the neutron-rich isotopes (63-65)Fe and (64-66)Co have been performed with the Low-Energy Beam and Ion Trap Facility at the NSCL. For the new isomer in (65)Fe an excitation energy of 402(5) keV has been determined from(More)
A fundamental question in nuclear physics is what combinations of neutrons and protons can make up a nucleus. Many hundreds of exotic neutron-rich isotopes have never been observed; the limit of how many neutrons a given number of protons can bind is unknown for all but the lightest elements, owing to the delicate interplay between single particle and(More)
Seven 271Ds decay chains were identified in the bombardment of 208Pb targets with 311.5 and 314.3 MeV 64Ni projectiles using the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator. These data, combined with previous results, provide an excitation function for this reaction. From these results, an optimum energy of 321 MeV was estimated for the production of (272)111 in the new(More)
High-precision Penning-trap mass measurements of the N approximately Z approximately 34 nuclides 68Se, 70Se, (70m)Br, and 71Br were performed, reaching experimental uncertainties of 0.5-15 keV. The new and improved mass data together with theoretical Coulomb displacement energies were used as input for rp process network calculations. An increase in the(More)
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