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Fluoride intoxication is a serious public health problem in Senegal. The concentration of fluoride ions in underground water in Senegal is higher than the acceptable standard (0.7 mg/l at 25 degrees C) varying between 5 and 15 mg/l according to the season. The hydrological pattern of fluoride ions in Senegalese water is presented. The high levels of(More)
Two calorimeter devices are used in the OSIRIS MTR reactor (CEA-Saclay center) for the nuclear heating measurements. The first one is a fixed five-stage calorimeter device. The second one is an innovative mobile probe called “CALMOS”. The design of these devices is different (in particular their geometry), implying modifications on the local(More)
PURPOSE In boron-10 neutron capture enhancement of fast neutron irradiation (BNCEFN), the dose enhancement is correlated to the 10B concentration and thermal neutron flux. A new irradiation technique is presented to optimize the thermal neutron flux. METHODS AND MATERIALS The coupled FLUKA and MCNP-4A Monte Carlo codes were used to simulate the neutron(More)
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