C. M. Dallimore

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The effect of adriamycin on human and mouse CFUGM was examined at concentrations and times suggested by plasma clearance data derived from the results of a number of published studies. Our results suggest that the high concentrations of drug present in the plasma for short periods of time following infusion are only weakly cytotoxic towards the CFUGM when(More)
Etoposide is being used increasingly in the treatment of a variety of malignant conditions and in conjunction with autologous bone marrow transplantation. We have examined the effect of the drug on human CFU-GM as an indication of the response of these bone marrow progenitor cells to measured plasma concentrations. When etoposide is present in the routine(More)
CFU-GM clonal growth was examined in bone marrow from patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in the presence of Ara-C at 10(-8) M and 4 X 10(-8) M and the response compared to the effect on progenitors from normal subjects. Seventy-three percent of marrow cultures from patients with MDS showed colony growth below the 95% confidence limits for normal(More)
The effect of medium osmolality was examined in primary, continuous bone-marrow cultures established from TO strain mice. The non-adherent cell population increased exponentially between weeks 2 and 5 and thereafter declined steadily. The number of CFU-GM followed a similar pattern but showed greater variability. The optimum osmolality in 4 week old(More)
The prognostic usefulness of a range of factors has been examined for patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. Although there was a statistical association between some of these factors and remission rate, the association was only partial. To improve the usefulness of the data, multiple logistic regressional analysis was used. The features selected for use in(More)
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