C M Coutinho-Camillo

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AIMS Claudins are integral transmembrane proteins of the tight junctions, critical for maintaining cell adhesion and polarity. Alterations in the expression of individual claudins have been detected(More)
Development of salivary glands is a highly complex and dynamic process termed branching morphogenesis, where branched structures differentiate into mature glands. Tight junctions (TJ) are thought to(More)
We examined the influence of OGG1 c.977C>G (rs1052133), APEX1 c.444T>G (rs1130409), XRCC1 c.-77T>C (rs3213245), c.580C>T (rs1799782), c.839G>A (rs25489) and c.1196G>A (rs25487) single-nucleotide(More)
AIMS Myoepithelial cells are important components of salivary gland structure, aiding the expulsion of saliva from acinar lobules. The aim was to evaluate the expression of smooth muscle actin (SMA),(More)