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Pneumocystis jiroveci (previously known as Pneumocystis carinii f. sp. hominis) pneumonia (PcP) [1] is a wellknown opportunistic infection affecting immunocompromised hosts, especially patients infected with HIV. However, with the rising number of patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy, PcP is being increasingly recognised in immunosuppressed hosts(More)
This paper presents VoIP reliability design methods and tools that have been used successfully in our work. It is based on the standards-driven architectural requirements for an enterprise VoIP network. Lucent's Accelerate Enterprise Solution (AES) is chosen as a particular example of a flexible enterprise VoIP network that is used both as an in-house(More)
MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) has become the choice of packet transport technology to meet multiple service requirements in the next generation network. More and more service providers, both wireline and wireless, are starting to deploy MPLS as the common packet backbone. In this paper, we examine the key requirements for multi-class MPLS network(More)
The objective of this warehouse spare optimization (WSO) service is to assist customers to optimize their inventory and spare management strategy to save operating and capital expenses. This service addresses the following issues: What is the right operation strategy to minimize the number of spares in spare warehouse to maintain reliability of the networks(More)
Optical network transports are traditionally designed with ring protection and/or dedicated (1+1) protection as they provide the best reliability for the networks. However, with there is a need to reduce capital expenditure, to improve the efficiency of resources usage for protection, and to keep the performance and the quality of service similar to the(More)
The primary objective of this paper is to apply a new framework for integrated reliability based network design to actual highly reliable network architectures (4-fiber BLSR/DWDM architecture and (1+1) DWDM mesh architecture) using a hybrid technique that combines both analytical and simulation methods. This approach provides a comprehensive means to model(More)
With the advance in wireless technology, the amount of wireless traffic has increased significantly over the past few years. Currently most of the traffic is voice with only small amounts of data traffic. However, the demand for data traffic is expected to increase many-fold in the next few years due to the increasing use of the wireless network for(More)
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