C-M Choi

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This research is concerned with the removal of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus in foodwaste by crystallization. Reductions have been achieved by struvite formation after the addition of magnesium ions (Mg2+). Magnesium ions used in this study were from magnesium salts of MgCl2. The results of our analysis using scanning electron microscopy and energy(More)
SETTING South Korea, 2005-2007. BACKGROUND Non-tuberculous mycobacterial diseases presenting as solitary pulmonary nodules (NTM-SPN) are rare and may be misdiagnosed as tuberculoma. DESIGN Eleven NTM-SPN patients were enrolled retrospectively and compared with two groups each of 33 patients with upper lobe cavitary (UC) and nodular bronchiectatic (NB)(More)
SETTING Korea is an intermediate-burden country with high rates of tuberculosis (TB) drug resistance. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the performance of the GenoType® MTBDRplus (MTBDR) assay in diagnosing drug-resistant TB in routine practice in Korea. DESIGN The MTBDR assay was performed on 428 samples, and the results were retrospectively compared with the(More)
SETTING A private university hospital in South Korea. OBJECTIVE To investigate the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) among health care workers (HCWs) employed at a university hospital in South Korea. DESIGN The occurrence of TB cases among HCWs over a 6-year period (2001-2006) was reviewed. The prevalence of TB was compared with that of the general(More)
SETTING The QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT-G) test can be used to distinguish between tuberculosis (TB) and non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease, but a high background TB infection rate may pose a problem. Although the QuantiFERON-TB (QFT) test, the first-generation QFT-G test, employs a non-specific PPD antigen, avium sensitin is also used as a stimulating(More)
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