C. M. Cheng

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In the study, we propose an efficient projection-based segmentation technique for multi-spectral image. By projecting the multi-spectral image onto a referenced subspace, we transform the multi-dimensional (MD) image data into one-dimensional (1D) projection length. One proper referenced subspace with the largest deviation from the mean image signature(More)
Solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) have attracted research attention owing to their advantages of simple device structure, low operation voltage and compatibility with solution processes. In this work, we demonstrate a simple approach to obtain white electroluminescence (EL) from non-doped LECs based on a blue-emitting complex.(More)
In the EBCOT stage of JPEG2000, data losses are incurred twice from an image. Bits are discarded during quantization and from entropy coding. Therefore, a new scheme is proposed for large data images. Data losses are avoided by hiding data in the compressed bitstreams after EBCOT. Layer optimization is used to increase the length of bitstreams by repeatedly(More)
This study describes the development of a portable image-recording device that is lightweight, inexpensive, and compatible with commercial smartphones and paper-based analytical devices. A light-unaffected environment is essential for optical quantification in colorimetric-based or fluorescence-based assays, and we have previously developed a portable(More)
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