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BACKGROUND Cognitive models propose that faulty appraisal of anomalous experiences is critical in developing psychosis, particularly delusions. A data gathering bias may be fundamental to abnormal appraisal. AIMS To examine whether there is a data gathering bias in people at high risk of developing psychosis. METHOD Individuals with an at-risk mental(More)
The cholinergic gene locus (CGL) was first identified in 1994 as the site (human chromosome 10q11.2) at which choline acetyltransferase and a functional vesicular acetylcholine transporter are co-localized. Here, we present recent neuroanatomical, developmental, and evolutionary insights into the chemical coding of cholinergic neurotransmission that have(More)
  • S Paradis, G J Simandl, J Bradford, C Leslie, C Brett
  • 2009
INTRODUCTION The car bon ate-hosted sul phide and nonsulphide de-pos its on the Cariboo Zinc prop erty are lo cated north of Quesnel Lake in east-cen tral Brit ish Co lum bia (NTS 93A/14E, 15W), at a lat i tude of ap prox i mately 52°49'N and lon gi tude 120°55'W (Fig ure 1). They are hosted by rocks of the Cariboo terrane, which rep re sents a dis placed(More)
Recently, we described a saturable Na(+)-dependent taurine transporter in the choroid plexus, the blood-CSF barrier (Chung et al., 1994). The goal of this study was to determine whether this transporter plays a role in the in vivo elimination of taurine from the CSF. 3H-taurine and 14C-inulin were injected into the lateral ventricle of anesthetized rats,(More)
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