C. M. Bender Lamego

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Eleven new cases of colorectal carcinoma in children (0-15 years of age) are added to the 212 cases already described in the literature. Mucinous adenocarcinoma was the most frequent histological type. Acute abdominal obstruction was the most frequent presentation. A radiologic diagnosis of malignancy was made in only six of eleven cases. The interval(More)
Four children developed lipoid pneumonia following ingestion of mineral oil for the treatment of partial small bowel obstruction byAscaris lumbricoides whorl. CT of the chest showed negative Hounsfield numbers which may prove useful in diagnosis.
We report a brother and sister with Dyggye-Melchior-Clausen dysplasia with mental retardation (MR) but as yet without spinal cord injury due to cervical spine abnormality. Mucopolysaccharide metabolism was studied in several ways and was found to be normal. Segregation analysis and study of consanguinity data confirm that both forms of the syndrome--that(More)
Six cases of childhood renal tumor with extensive bone involvement are reported. The neoplasms had been classified originally as Wilms tumor with atypical clinical and pathologic features. Subsequent to a retrospective histologic analysis, the lesions were reclassified as follows: three cases as bone-metastasizing renal tumors of childhood, one case as(More)