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As a result of continuous improvement in the computer processor speed and peripherals speed, there is a need of high speed data interconnecting medium in the Avionic Environment. The medium used for communication should be able to deliver reliable data over the long distance. In order to meet all these constraints, the interconnecting technology be serial(More)
Earlier generation avionics, federated architecture (FA) is used where each function has its own independent, dedicated fault-tolerant computing resources. To overcome few disadvantages of federated architecture, NAL had developed and proposed a re-configurable algorithm for avionics flight critical software applications under integrated time and memory(More)
High performance graphics processing is a challenging task in embedded system domain. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) attracts a great interest in building Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) framework on its platform due to its feasibility and configurable resources. This paper provides design perspectives of GPU framework and its building blocks to(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze fixed point implementation of functions designed for signal processing algorithms. In this paper, basic building block function is analyzed for errors while implementing the algorithm using fixed point technique. To streamline the process of converting the floating point to fixed point, Model Based Design(MBD) concept is(More)
Improvement in technology is leading to complex systems in aerospace application. The data handling capabilities of the systems are increasing in the present technology. Current day interfaces demand large volume of data to be shared between the systems. It demands for high speed communication between the systems at affordable cost. Fiber channel based(More)
With the increased use and demand of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) for military, societal, security, coast guards, surveillance, entertainment etc., MAVs demand precision payload with well stabilized and controllable gimbal system. The fidelity of the data is directly dependent on the degree of control of the gimbal. Hence an(More)
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  • 29th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
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The paper presents the integrated approach of handling system and software engineering issues in an integrated environment with enabling tools, technologies and methods. The proposed Integrated Aircraft Platform (IAP) is used with embedded platform for Simulation, Modeling, Design, Development, Testing, Integration and Certification (SMD2TIC). The basic(More)
A new approach for the deterministic communication of real time and Non-Deterministic communication of non-real time traffic on a common Ethernet node is presented in this paper. The design strategy uses the full duplex communication with a switched ethernet technology. The transmission of packets is performed using the major and minor frames concept of(More)
Compliance to the electromagnetic standards is critical during the design of a PCB. The simulation tools existing in the industry using the Input/output Buffer Information (IBIS) models help in highlighting the signal integrity problems at earlier phases of design. The present paper discusses the signal integrity analysis carried out for digital bus of(More)
Applications of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) sensors in Micro Air vehicle (MAV) for navigation have shown tremendous advantages over other traditional sensors. Design and Development of such MEMS sensor suite for MAV applications is more economical, safe and care free. The applications of MEMS sensors for different applications like attitude,(More)