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Overlapping cloned cDNAs representing the entire sequence of the rat fatty acid synthase mRNA have been isolated from a cDNA library and sequenced. Authenticity of the cDNA clones was supported by hybridization to fatty acid synthase mRNA and by amino-terminal sequencing of 39 fatty acid synthase CNBr fragments. The full-length fatty acid synthase mRNA is(More)
The complete intron-exon organization of the gene encoding a multifunctional mammalian fatty acid synthase has been elucidated, and specific exons have been assigned to coding sequences for the component domains of the protein. The rat gene is interrupted by 42 introns and the sequences bordering the splice-site junctions universally follow the GT/AG rule.(More)
Rat genomic clones encompassing the entire fatty acid synthase gene have been isolated and characterized. The gene is present in a single copy of approx. 20 kb. Genomic DNA sequencing, direct RNA sequencing and S1 nuclease analysis showed that transcription is initiated primarily 1274 nucleotides upstream from the translation start site and that the(More)
The amino acid sequence of the multifunctional fatty-acid synthase has been examined to investigate the exact location of the seven functional domains. Good agreement in predicting the location of interdomain boundaries was obtained using three independent methods. First, the sites of limited proteolytic attack that give rise to relatively stable, large(More)
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