C Llinares

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  • E Fernández-Lajús, C Fariña, A F Torres, M A Schwartz, N Salerno, J P Calderón +5 others
  • 2008
Context. The periodicity of 5.5 years for some observational events occurring in η Carinae manifests itself across a large wavelength range and has been associated with its binary nature. These events are supposed to occur when the binary components are close to periastron. To detect the previous periastron passage of η Car in 2003, we started an intensive,(More)
We have carried out an association study of a polymorphism in the 3'UTR of the dopamine transporter gene (DAT) and a polymorphism in the coding region of the D3 receptor gene (DRD3) in Spanish patients with manic depression and in controls. No significant differences in allelic and genotypic frequencies of either of these polymorphisms was found in patients(More)
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