C Lilet-Leclercq

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Follicular dendritic cells have been isolated from human tonsils and adenoids and characterized at the ultrastructural level. Follicles were dissected and digested with different hydrolytic enzymes. The cells were separated by sedimentation at unit gravity. By this procedure we obtained follicular dendritic cells enveloping lymphocytes with their(More)
Follicular dendritic cells (FDC) are specialized cells found only within lymphoid follicles. They bind immune complexes and play a role in the presentation of antigen to follicular B cells and in the generation of B cell memory. In the present report the isolation of FDC from human tonsils and adenoids is described. These isolated cells have an unusual(More)
Follicular dendritic cells (FDC) isolated from human tonsils and adenoids appear as round clusters where the FDC surround lymphoid cells. Using fluorescein and colloidal gold labelled antibodies we determined their surface antigens, the immunoglobulins they fix and the cells they envelope. Isolated FDC react with specific anti-FDC antibodies but also with(More)
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