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A comparative analysis of the bias dependence of critical RF parameters in GaAs and InP metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MESFET's) led to the following conclusions. 1) The drain-gate feedback capacitance in GaAs MESFET's is lower than in InP MESFET's, because of a stronger tendency in GaAs to form stationary Gunn domains at the typical drain(More)
A report on a process for the medium-scale integration of MESFET digital circuits on GaAs will be offered. Gate propagation delays < 100 ps with fanout of two and binary division from dc to 2 GHz have been achieved.
A high-speed GaAs word generator has been designed with computer aids, built, and tested for applications in commerical test instrumentation. This medium-scale-integrated circuit incorporates 600 active devices. It consists of an 8:1 parallel-to-serial data converter, a timing generator, word-length control logic, and ECL interface networks. The circuit(More)
Three GaAs MSICs, consisting of a 1023b PRBS generator, recurrence-relationship test circuit and a multiple-8b word generator will be described. The PRBS circuits generate and detect a maximum-length sequence at 2.5Gb rates. The word generator forms groups of 8b words, whose content and number can be dynamically controlled at 5Gb.
  • C. Liechti
  • 1977 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits…
  • 1977
In our increasingly digital world, there is a need for faster and faster data processing capability. New systems requiring gigabit data rates for measurement instrumentation, digital communication and radar signal processing are presently in the planning stage. A similar trend toward wider band operation exists for analog circuits such as A/D converters,(More)
. Low frequency noise (in the l/f regime) has been measured for these devices. Equivalent l/f noise input currents on the order of ~ x ~ O ~ O A/ f i z at 100 HZ have been obtained at Ic=lmA, corresponding to extrapolated noise corner frequencies below 1MHz. This result is better than has typically been obtained with GaAs FETs, and indicates that HBTs may(More)
THIS PAPER WILL DESCRIBE the design of frequency dividers implemented with GaAs/(GaAl)As heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) in an emitter-coupled logic circuit configuration. Frequency division (+ 2 and + 4) was obtained with input frequencies as high as 4.5GHz, using devices with emitter dimensions of 1 . 6 ~ x 5 ~ . Interest in GaAs/(GaAl)As HBTs(More)
  • C. Liechti
  • 1984 International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1984
In the last five years, extraordinary R&D progress has been made in advancing the state-of-the-art of GaAs ICs. High speed digital circuits have been demonstrated with up to 100,000 components per chip. Microwave monolithic ICs have been successfully operated at frequencies as high as 60 GHz. In the Western World, about 4500 people are now working on(More)
A semi-empirical model is proposed to describe the behavior of a 1 µm gate GaAs MESFET in the saturated current region. It divides the MESFET into three sections: an "ideal" gradual channel portion (1); an adjacent stationary Gunn domain region extending to the drain (2); and a leakage path shunting these two portions at high drain bias via the(More)