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OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between postoperative infective complications and the CD4 count. DESIGN Retrospective and biometric study. SETTING Two university hospitals, Switzerland. SUBJECT 40 HIV-positive patients who had had CD4 counts done during the three months before operation. INTERVENTIONS Clean and contaminated gastrointestinal and(More)
A retrospective review was performed of the clinical features present in 17 patients who were human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive requiring a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure for suspected appendicitis. Patients who were acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) free (n = 11) and those with AIDS (n = 6) were compared. Ten of the 11 patients who(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY We have retrospectively studied the results of arthroscopic removal of loose bodies in the elbow. The aim of the study was to determine if the etiology of the loose bodies could be considered as a criteria for technical difficulty and clinical prognosis. MATERIAL 16 patients (11 men and 5 female) had an elbow arthroscopy for loose(More)
We report on 27 patients who, between November 1986 and December 1988, had a delayed sternal closure after cardiac surgery out of the following reasons: post-ECC low output syndrome: 17 patients (15 with IABP, 11 transfemoral, 4 transaortic), haemodynamic breakdown with sternal approximation: 9 patients, diffuse bleeding: one patient. In 13 patients(More)
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