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Automatic fluid balancing, as obtained with the hemofiltration machines from Sartorius (Göttingen, West Germany) and Dialysetechnik (Karlsruhe, West Germany), is accurate enough to replace bed scales, which have been necessary in conventional hemodialysis for patients who are confined to beds. Side effects such as hypotension, nausea and muscle cramps(More)
The mechanisms responsible for the development of nitrate tolerance are not completely clear, and their clinical importance remains controversial. This study examined the possible development of nitrate tolerance under the continuous infusion of high doses (10 mg/h) of nitroglycerine (NTG) and the effect of an additional N-acetylcysteine (NAC) injection in(More)
The concentrations of testosterone, cortisone, gastrin, GIP, somatomedin B, insulin, HGH, and TSH have been determined in the plasma and the ultrafiltrate of five uremic patients undergoing intermittent hemofiltration treatment. There was a considerable loss of gastrin, GIP, somatomedin B, and insulin by hemofiltration treatment; the plasma concentrations,(More)
Um zu klären, ob eine Retention von Digoxin bei anurischen Patienten, die Digitoxin einnehmen, stattfindet, wurde bei 15 anurischen Dialysepatienten und 15 nierengesunden Versuchspersonen, die 0,1 mg Digitoxin täglich einnahmen, das Plasmadigoxin mittels Radioimmunoassay bestimmt. Alle „Plasmadigoxinwerte“ der anurischen Patienten und der normalen(More)
Haemofiltrate was administered into the duodenum of 5 ambulatory dogs through an implanted silastic catheter at a rate of 5-10 ml/min. None of the dogs presented signs of discomfort or suffered from regurgitation or diarrhoea. All 5 dogs had solid stools, enhanced diuresis and no change in body weight over a time period of 8 hours. Filtration rates between(More)
Female mouth-brooding Cichlid fishes pick up the young fry again when disturbed. The young, for their part, collect about the head of the mother fish and, contacting it, try to enter the mouth cavity. This ‘contact behaviour’ is based upon an inborn readiness to react on the visual stimulus offered by the mother. Mother fishes inTilapia nilotica are much(More)
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